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the top stories we're following on this tuesday morning police engage in a standoff the treasure island off ramp. the standoff is not over we will have details coming up. >> there was a bay bridge standoff and now there is a resolution of treasure island will have the very latest on that developing news this morning as well.
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>> also watching the wet weather in will be heading to the bay area we have a series of storms that are coming our way. we have watches and warnings issued will have details coming up in a few moments. >> let us go to a developing story in milpitas. police activity going on here shots were fired just before 2:00 a.m. this morning here if a possible officer involved shooting. that is the details from our solo reporter jackie sissel with an update. >> good morning marc investigators are still out here collecting evidence taking pictures and measurements. at the corner of as kualjacqueline road. at around 1 4:05 a.m. one of the milpitas officers initiated a stop as he was getting out of the car the suspect that out as well and started firing at the officer. for the officer returned fire. the suspect got away. the officer had minor injuries was not shot
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in the incident. if we had a chance to talk to the milpitas police department earlier the described the scene. >> this morning at about 149 a m one of our office is initiated a traffic stop. on jacqueline road as the officer concerned that the vehicle of the driver did the suspect exit the vehicle immediately opened fire on our office. if the officer was not struck. he did return fire is unknown if the officesuspect was struck. at this point we're not releasing information on the vehicle of the suspect. the officer is ok and our investigation is ongoing. >> they were adamant on not releasing any information on the suspect or the vehicle. it had asked multiple times for some sort of information obviously asked for the public's help. they said
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they will not release any information on the suspect vehicle. what people should look out for. they do believe the suspect left the area and is no longer in the area. at this point mark, we know that there was an exchange of gunfire. we know the officer was not struck in the exchange of gunfire. other than that suspect informational information. our information, nothing. hopefully we will be able to get information about the suspect car. they have asked for the public's help but without knowing the car informations it is hard to do that. >> is jacqueline road still shut down? >> jacqueline road remained shut down for several blocks. it appears that this is causing it to be shut down for a while longer. he did not know exactly how long he thought it could be a while. the thank you jackie would check back for an update. >> a standoff that lasted
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for hours on treasure island to get your mornings news as go to our reporter at the scene. >> is there any information with a man shot himself around 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> the coroner's office is still here they have to do their investigation as well as the police department does their own investigation. you can see them gathered around here. you can see the white car behind the police car that is possibly the car that the suspect drove. it was also reported as stolen. about 11:00 p.m. last night is is when it started. there was a report saying a stolen car they saw this car by mason and bush streets near the downtown area in san francisco. when they started to approach the suspect he decided to take off and ran
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red lights and pursuit started, he shot at some officers. it ended on the bay bridge and here at treasure island. they threw up jack's out to cause the car to have a flat tire that is on the suspect that out of the car went over to the rocks and that is when the standoff started for about the next six to seven hours. he was on the rocks he showed he did have a handgun he was driven to commit suicide. it looks like that is what ended up happening. just before 5:00 a.m. this morning they hear gunshots, the tactical team will then and found him dead in the rocks. off they did attempt to do, get paramedic's on the scene and resuscitate him. he seemed to have died from a self-inflicted wound. at this point they have removed the body you can still see the band there. the investigation continues. there is more relief for
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people live on the island. the out that i cannot leave our cat on the island. --get on the island. they at least have one lane open so that people can get by the scene and leave the island without a problem. >> thank you. george is 7 05. it is not an issue with the commute. the people that are traveling of the bay bridge would not really notice as much. >> except the people that came through earlier this morning found and earlier than normal back up. thankfully we are no longer feeling the effects. while we are looking at the back of the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty normal. the drive time to running 16 minutes from interstate 80. and 16-18 minutes from 880. about 22-24 minutes if you are coming from interstate 580. long before highway 24.
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it is a slow but normal drive the westbound rate bridge. other developments story taking place in milpitas jacqueline road is closed between milpitas florida and arizona. use calaveras boulevard instead to get to and from the freeway. >> thank you george we have clouds above and some dense fog of the north bay. cooler start to the morning with temperatures in the '40's and '50's. tomorrow everyone will wake up to wet weather. we have a wind advisory in effect for a.m. tomorrow morning. we will continue with the rain every day. keep an umbrella handy it will last until the start of the next work week. satellite and radar is moderate in the cold front that will drop down hitting the north a first. i will have a look and rainfall totals and walking to futurecast 4 in my next report. anny. >> this just into the kron 4 news run we have live pictures of a school bus
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accident coming out of oklahoma city. here is a look at the live pictures. students are among the injured in a school bus crash in northwest oklahoma city. the wreck happened at 730 a m. you can see we have officials on the scene. police said a white car collided with the school bus you see here that it knocked the bus on its side earlier this morning. off paramedics are on the scene trying to determine how bad the interests are. back to you. >> thank-you anny it we are watching wall street the consumer confidence reading has come out they have jumped to their highest level since february of 2008. consumer spending is two-thirds of the u. s economy. >> wall street the dow down 14 points the dow sitting at 12,00952. >> the time is 7:08 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. we have a
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camera at the james lick it shows you the heavy traffic and not as heavy fog as yesterday but some fog. will be right back.
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[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit new research this week suggest to bay area regions have substantially higher rates of evasive breast cancer. the higher rate areas and all the western half contra costa county, the northernmost part of alameda county, at a swath
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running around the southern end of the bay for alameda, santa clara and san mateo counties. for its cancer rates in the four regions were 10 to 20% higher than the state average and researchers still do not know why. the food and drug administration stopping operations and a new mexico pinup but a processor as it cracks down on the salmonella. the fda action will prevent the company from destroying any food the fda was granted the power to shut down operations under a food safety law that was passed last year. >> it is 711 and now we will be back in a couple of minutes take a live look outside. the golden gate bridge you have company and you have fog neither is to that at this moment we will be right back.
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good morning thank you for waking up with the kron for morning new 7:15 a.m. we are taking a lie to downtown san francisco. contending with fog and gray skies. you can't in the fog obstructing the view of the tops of the building. be aware as you head out of the door locally dense fog and the north bay. over a mile for novato two and a half miles from the bottle. i worked 87 approach
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and 101 the fog is not nearly as bad for the peninsula and the south bay. 6 mi. over in mountain view. yesterday we saw visibility down to zero and we had a dense fog advisory. not the case today we will have more clout cover into the afternoon. and temperatures are in the 60 across the board cooler in daly city. sam tells 62. 63 in concord. pleasanton and livermore at 65. sunnyvale's afternoon highs 63. here is the big weather story a lot of rain headed to the bay area. survey the transition date. we will remain dry today however and widespread cold front will drop down from the south pacific. we will also tap into tropical moisture. we expect heavy rain and gusty conditions. and when the advisory goes in effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for the seven fiscal area. by 4:00 p.m. people will be sleeping--
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4:08 a.m. the storm will intensify. m.a.c. accidents and errors of flooding on the freeways. as we head into the afternoon the heavy showers will began to taper off. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a lot of changes in the weather department. wednesday system will be gone by the evening hours thursday the first half will be a dry one. we do have a stronger storm system heading in thursday last into the weekend. winds could reach 50 mi. per hour. when this is all done we could see anywhere from 3 in. of rain for hours out a valid up to 10 in. for the north bay and a higher elevation. flooding the possibility as well as much lights. we will continue with the showers as we start your next work week as well. >> george >> of france to open to and
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from treasure island. that is no longer a factor. we do have a big backup backed up for the macarthur maize and slow traffic in fact the metering lights been cycled at such a rate it makes me believe there is an incident on the bridge like a stall or accent. the drive time is growing. it is back up to 24-26 minutes out of the macarthur maize. better than that if you are coming from the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge as an accident reported on the slow traffic is in evidence. it is about this hour that things would begin to slow if there were no problems on the span. the drive time is up to 80 minutes. for the golden gate bridge with our problem free no delays south bound. off looking at the traffic map east shore freeway looks good. 680 is heavy. there was an accident south bound. the usual conditions for the san ramon valley interstate
7:19 am
580. jacqueline road milpitas still shut down for it to block stretch. use calaveras boulevard to and from 880. south bay freeways no unusual problems. the north bay ride still slow to develop we do not see much in the way of problems. south bound drive time to under 30 minutes. 27 to the golden gate bridge. >> a redwood city teenager is dead after being hit by a car while she was riding her bicycle weather may have been a factor. the party said the 14 year-old girl was struck by a car at jefferson avenue in alameda bela poll this just after a 30 yesterday morning. never say it was foggy at the time of the incident and the roads were slick. the girl was a freshman at woodside high school, was taken to stanford has been a where she died. the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene in cooperating with police. >> @ vallejo father is accused of killing a teenager who bulletins on.
7:20 am
44 your already williams is accused of murdering 17 year old gary white. at a house party early sunday morning, williams white said he did not do it. he said she was asleep--she'd sisaid the he was asleep. >> the son cannot sleep without is dead. my son has to have his dense hair in his hand on my lawn. >> the police said he was arrested after what witnesses said during the house party. >> we're looking for to man who got into a shootout with the owner of a jewelry store. the suspect into the store and tried to rob it. one of the suspect fired at the honor. the older return fire and the two robbers left without taking anything. police say they do not recommend that store owners fire but rather comply with the robbers
7:21 am
demand. >> a series of public meetings have been held in san jose to discuss the qualities san jose once in a police chief. >> the city does not have a lot of time to find a replacement so far that has no beebeen no word on a candida. residents say they are looking for someone who will be an effective manager and communicator. someone with a proven record and success in fighting crime. >> we need someone that will come in and be a leader lead by the heart into encourage the officers to work with the community. develop and police the community the way it should be. >> within the department they will no san jose. they will know of the citizens of san jose. >> more has only been a police chief for about 20 years. similar meetings
7:22 am
were held before war was hired as the police chief. >> the time is 721 a m a san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of robbing the bank of america and the richmond district has pleaded not guilty. phillips jonah tung was arraigned on commercial robert charges. tom has been released after poafter posting bail--tung there is prints were found on a demand note. >> a lot of fog in san jose we are jammed packed. 101 northbound at the 87 interchange. more on traffic and the wet weather forecast coming up.
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. new this morning it police investigation after an officer involved shooting. a suspect fired at an officer this morning in milpitas. jackie sissel has been out on the scene. what is going on? >> the investigation continues but the scene has cleared here. investigators have left the scene. there is video from earlier this morning. what we're hearing is about 1:45 a.m. one of the officers initiated a traffic stop. once the stock was made to the officer got
7:31 am
out of his car along with the suspect. at some point this suspect started firing at the police officer. that officer returned fire. the suspect got into his car and drove off. the officer was not shot in the gunfire exchange but he did sustained minor injuries. we're not sure where the injuries came from. we do not have any information on the suspect or the vehicle. we know that the suspects fled and the vehicle. they did not know whether not be officer struck the suspect. they're not giving us much information about the suspect or the suspect's vehicle. they are asking for help, if anyone was in the area at the time and has any information please pass it along. they're here for about six hours taking information. they are still looking for the suspect and
7:32 am
the vehicle. unfortunately they're not telling us what the description is of the vsuspect or the vehicle. >> we had a standoff earlier this morning on treasure island. that did not affect the bay bridge traffic. >> that lasted for hours with the suspect shooting and killing himself. yoli said this is live it with an update from trevotreasure islan. >> it is the last vehicle here aside from the police vehicle that you see right there. they're about to tell this --tow the scene is pretty much cleared right now. most of the police
7:33 am
vehicles have left the scene as well as the coroner's office. it and did with suspects killing himself. it was a long long standoff. at least seven hours it started about 11:00 last night in san francisco when there's a report of a stolen car. police follow that car and began to speed up and run red lights. when the officers were in pursuit they were shot at at least once in the pursuit. they got off at the bay bridge and then they ended up here and treasure island. that is where the standoff and off until about 5 this morning. it was just abthe 45 this morning when they heard the gunshot and the tactical team motorman and they found the suspect dead from a self-inflicted wound.
7:34 am
>> all the extras were blocked off and they are now open correct? >> that is correct. people can move as freely as they want now. >> thank you for that information. >> early backups at the bay bridge toll plaza with the early morning closures. we are left with a good size backup at the bay bridge. the drive times are over 20 minutes out of the macarthur maze and right around 20 minutes coming from the east short freeway. the san mateo bridge is no relief, there is an accident westbound adding to the slowing. there'll be continuing delays here for your westbound ride. drive times are about 18 minutes. >> it is foggy out there but
7:35 am
not nearly as bad as yesterday. temperatures are in the 40's and '50's as we head into the afternoon we will see an increasing cloud cover. this is all in advance of the storm system headed this way. tomorrow morning rain headed into the weekend. i'll walk you through future cast four and rain totals coming up. >> watching wall street the dow jones dropped below the 13,000 mark and stayed there. the dow was down to 12,920. despite the fact that home prices have had a high we haven't seen in four years the dow was up 47. >> president obama looks like he is still campaigning. to make the public case for strategizing the fiscal cliff. friday he will be meeting with business owners, small business owners. at the
7:36 am
white house today the president will meet and tomorrow with middle-class americans. >> an 18 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring and police officer will be arraigned this week. here is a video of the other suspect in this case who was in court last wednesday. there china find a connection between the two. both are being held for murder, armed robbery, and attempted murder of a police officer. the drama of a 14 year-old boy charged as an adult with attempted murder sexaul assault and kidnapping of a 65 year-old woman has been postponed. caviar king was scheduled to be arraigned in court yesterday. authorities say he of the to the woman at dusk force to drive several miles away where he assaulted and beat her before leaving her in a ditch. police described attack as random.
7:37 am
>> the two leaders will be remembered today. the commemoration will have two parts of the ceremony on the steps of city hall at 430 this afternoon. a candlelight march that milks former camera store and the castro district. the mosconi family members and milks and nephew mayor ed lee former mayor willie brown and the san francisco gay men scores. it is 7:36 a.m. and we will be back in a few minutes. the traffic and san jose the 1 01 southbound does not look too bad. it is hazy gray but not totally fog ban like we were yesterday. we will be right back.
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>> apple will sell out its new slimmed down i mac desktop computers on friday.
7:41 am
the cost will be $1,300 and up. depending on the configuration. the model with a 27 in. screen is $1,800. the new models have no disk drive helping make the edges one-fifth the thickness of the old models. >> it appears that buying all the gifts made in the 12 major days of christmas song will cost you more than it did last year. blame the birds of musicians and jewelry. cuban music. we have video. these of lay and french hands and seven swathis'p feed costs for the birds. five golden rings soared
7:42 am
more than 16 percent thanks to rising gold prices. if you're feeling trustee six items mentioned in the song stay the same price the partridge to turtle doves and four calling birds at eight made the melting nine ladies dancing and tend towards a leaping. the grand total comes to more than $107,000. >> how you give 10 lords of leaping? i will do well lit and see. --google it and see we have big storms coming and we'll have more on your forecast the morning commute and the world according to gary coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back 7:44 a.m. is the time and we are taking it to the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog out there for the north bay visibility is set to mouse for nevada two and a half miles for santa rosa. potentially hazardous driving conditions for highway 1 01. yesterday we read zero visibility for a lot of the bay especially the heart of it. as we head into afternoon it will remain gray, we will see some subtle breaks of sunshine. temperatures will
7:46 am
be in the '60s pretty much everywhere. los gatos as 63 degrees as well as fremont. 62 expecting campbell fairfield 61, 63 for san leandro. the north bay has the potential for some rain later on tonight. 61 percent and cisco 59 for and about napa employing less 61 and oakland is coming in at 63. satellite and radar is showing widespread cold front it will drop down from the north pacific. allow clouds associated with this system, strong winds will start to pick up. wind advisory goes into effect 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the san francisco bay. future cast four shows at 4:00 a.m. all yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain. we will see continued to intensify through the heart of the morning commute. shower start to taper off and we will be dry as we head into the later afternoon evening hours. 7 day around the bay forecast
7:47 am
mitres rain just about every day. we will continue to see steady rain, gusty winds especially for the coastal hills. the wet weather will stick with us as we start the next work week. >> the bay bridge toll plaza westbound is still looking at a pretty good-sized back up. it reaches the macarthur maze and drive times are over 22 minutes from highway 24 and around 20 minutes from the east shore freeway. the san mateo bridge was pretty badly backed up earlier due to a reported westbound accident is looking a little better. drive times are still between 15 and 18 minutes. higher than normal for the westbound ride. the golden gate bridge has been a smooth commute all morning. we have not seen any problems yet. 26 minutes from hercules to berkeley and about 22 minutes now
7:48 am
from the southbound 680 ride into san ramon with heavier traffic through livermore and bunching up at the dublin entertained as well. south bay freeways look a little lighter than normal. the north bay a starting to slow on 1 01 southbound from before highway 37. >> the san francisco giants might be losing the beard. we will know friday if they offered brian wilson a contractor not. they owe him something? >> did you hear something new this morning? >> they are hinting that they might not offer him a contract. >> here's the thing it's a negotiation. i am sure of that the beard if he is expecting big money is not gonna happen. maybe that is just a little wake-up call or reminder capay your member
7:49 am
our almost finished? i'm taking an educated guess that there's a feeling i think that if wilson wants to come back at a much much much reduced salaries the giants would be open to it. he helped to win the championship in 2010 and by most accounts the players inside the clubhouse like him. who knows? they could be negotiating but put it this way it would not surprise me if they were looking around. >> we find out friday. right now we continue to go with it have the hands from harbaugh about what the 49ers are going to do and who they're going to start and there as a quarterback turns. everyone on the planet knows what's going on. we broke it down. gary
7:50 am
the translator will show you what he really said in a press conference yesterday >> in a unique situation yet to quarterbacks ever playing at a very high level. when injured captain and starting quarterback the other is has played a great football. they are both our guys. that quarterback will probably wednesday, the biggest reason is so our players are not pressured to who is it everybody hammering them for affirmation. i think in my mind that is the direction we will go. >> he did that pretty good >> who does that, seriously?
7:51 am
>> our producer, that is very good. >> everyone knows including smith himself. on one hand he's blowing kisses at smith and on the other hand you see what he's really saying. >> when you are on top you can play these little games. if he was a winning people would say oh well he's indecisive. he has a team all messed up because he won't name a starter. when you are winning some of that is just a look it me look in may. the best that he put and there is that the league instructed him to. because the gamblers want to know. >> he wants to keep them guessing. the latest thing i read i said you know what he can do anything even play them both. let's do a jet set here. that is brilliant
7:52 am
! >> you understand i'm saying when you're winning you are a genius. when you're not winning all the things he is doing keeping the team in the dark and upsetting both of them back and forth. he is the most compelling bay area sports figure. people love the forty-niners. by wednesday it will be a cap rack and that will be the end of it. -- collin kaepernick >> i say this is kind of mean to alex smith to do it this way. just say it. >> i am sure alex smith knows. i emphasize this every time we talk about this but people inside the room i mean in our business
7:53 am
insurance business if you are selling at macy's. you know the good salespeople are and who deserves to be no sell the atari stuff. that's just a bi. those players know that colin cabernet is more talented than alex smith. -- collin kaepernick >> he did very very good. tomorrow morning we speak and said this segment up i want more input. >> we will do real translation here and the music is playing and i have to go. we will see of. we will be right back.
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what is essentially christmas that lego land in california. that is the 10th annual lighting of the world's large largest lego christmas tree. there're 245,000 lego and then torn with 400 lego ornaments. thomas gibson who stars in criminal mind was on hand for the celebration. of police standoff on treasure island, we will have the latest developments and how the standoff ended coming up. thousands are gathering to protest, we will tell you why. the commute in the bay area
7:58 am
and watching the big storms that are rolling in. weather advisories are already in place. we will have more details coming up as the kron4 morning news continues.
7:59 am
8:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news thanks for joining us tuesday november 27th. a police standoff on treasure island and so, we will have details coming up. millipede is opening back up after an officer involved shooting. wet weather coming back to the bay area, we have big storms on the way we have an update from there,. >> it is dryer on the bay area right now temperatures in the '50s. we will see in that cloud increase later on today stretching into the evening hours and later on tonight we could see some sprinkle for some of our north bay locations.
8:01 am
overnight in heading into tomorrow be rain will pick up and grow in intensity will start to taper off in the afternoon hours. looking ahead we are tracking multiple storms expected to impact the bay area. satellite and radar is showing a system right now situated in the north pacific. it will slide its way into the bay and when it is all said and done by sunday we could see anywhere between three and 10 in. of rain. i will talk about some of the advisory is being put out and walking to future cast four coming up in my next report. >> we are watching in acts of them being cleared from the toll plaza of the bay bridge. the accident occurred before the meeting during lights and before the pay gates. the tell truck towing the vehicle away into the administration parking lot here. traffic as the backed up into the macarthur maze and drive times are over 22 minutes coming from 580 and highway 24. the san mateo bridge is actually a
8:02 am
pretty good alternate route for the bay bridge. lighter traffic and we have seen for a while. the golden gate bridge ride it is still a pretty easy one as you come in from marin county. >> a developing story that we have followed all morning long and still falling investigation now for a person who shot at police. this is on jacqueline road which is now reopened in both directions between milpitas boulevard in arizona ave. a great are the early morning from when they had a close down investigating this officer involved shooting. gunfire was exchanged after a traffic stop around 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> this morning about 1:49 a.m. one of our officers initiated a traffic stop removing violation on c jacqueline road. the suspect of the vehicle exited the car and immediately opened fire on our officer. thankfully are officer was
8:03 am
not struck and he did return fire. it is unknown if see suspect was struck. he fled the location in his vehicl thi't releasing information on the vehicle or suspect. the officer is ok and our investigation is ongoing. >> they continue to look for the person who fired, exchanged gunfire with a police officer this morning. the officer is ok. >> the on and off ramps to treasure island are open right now. there was a police standoff that had the exits closed for several hours. it started at 11:00 p.m. last night police spotted a stolen car in downtown san francisco. the car would not pull over and led a pursuit on to the bay bridge and the wind up on treasure island. after six hours police moved in and found 29 year-old duncan phillips' suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. one of our soul reporters has been covering
8:04 am
this story since early this morning. >> good morning mark yn see all is well here on treasure island. they just finished telling away the stolen car that the suspect drove. it was located at right around here passed the anchor that you see there. just pastorale is where the suspect off for at least five hours straight. he was on the rocks there for a long time. keeping the police back, threatening that he would shoot himself. it was shortly before 5:00 a.m. this morning when police officers did it here down fire go off in the dark. they send in the tactical team to investigate and they found the suspect. they had paramedics on the same but they claim that he actually died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. at this
8:05 am
point all the investigation is done that they have taken away everything and have open all the lanes here. people cannot go in and out as freely as they want. >> president obama still appears to be campaigning not just for not for reelection but for his case for his strategy to deal with the fiscal cliff. he is going to pennsylvania to meet with small-business owners there as he presses republicans to increase taxes on the wealthy while extending tax cuts for families earning $250,000 or less. today will meet with small-business owners tomorrow middle-class americans. >> watching wall street we have good news and a jump in home prices the highest level since 2008. also of rising consumer confidence. the fears of fiscal cliff have that consumers worry. the dow's at 12,933 >> the time is 8 to 05 a.m.
8:06 am
and let's take a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. george lab the updates on the drive times and hot spots. erika will have details on when the rain will start when we continue.
8:07 am
8:08 am
>> new video world news from to rear square in cairo. there have been clashes
8:09 am
between police and protesters. there's a mass rally against the decree against muhammed more see granting themselves broad power. more seat stuck by his controversial decree and his meeting with judges that was aimed at diffusing the worst political crisis since his election in june >> yasser arafat's body has been exhumed to find out whether and not he it was poisoned. he died nearly a decade ago due to a sudden illness. the new investigation started earlier this year after
8:10 am
authorities say high levels of a radioactive substance were found on arafat's personal belongings. >> susan rice has been under fire for how she handled the initial release of information about the deadly attack against america's and benghazi. today she'll be sitting with lawmakers to talk about what she knew about that september attack. prices initially said it stemmed from protests from and the islamic video and and changed it. she said she made clear at the time the affirmation that she thursday was preliminary. rice is a possibility to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. americans are giving the white house low marks for how it handled that attack on the benghazi conflict. 54 percent of people surveyed are dissatisfied with the administration's response to the big as the attack 40 percent say they're satisfied with the way that white house panel that. 48 percent say the white house
8:11 am
could a prevented the attack with 42 percent disagree. the majority of the public does not believe the obama administration initially tried to mislead americans about the attack that left the u.s. ambassador chris stevens a bad and killing three other americans. >> as we take a break we want to remind you about whether that is coming our way. we have flash flood watches posted just too our north as well as wind advisories for tomorrow morning around the bay area. we should give some sunshine today and it's a good data out hunkered down and get things ready for the storm's coming in. heavy rain tomorrow morning and showers on thursday. a real wallop as expected on friday and more rain and storms coming in saturday and sunday. we could see up to 8 in. of rain in the bay area through the weekend. we'll have more on the storm's coming up as we're expecting a lot of wet weather around the bay. we're still dealing with
8:12 am
some fog and a bit of a slow ride as a major way on the james lick over to the bay bridge. we will be back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> of the live look at a little sun coming in here.
8:15 am
not for long, we will see rain come. it will be here to stay for quite awhile. >> we are expecting heavy rain. we have not seen anything like it this season. we will definitely need are umbrellas. there is a potential for flash floods and mudslides. we will continue to monitor that. we can accumulate three to 10 in. of rain after it is all said and done. temperatures are not too bad, 48 and concord 53 of the door of the city. now that is 48 degrees and 46 in livermore. grace has a persistence of the afternoon and we could see some breaks of sunshine. 61 a share after and high and vallejo 62 in san mateo. we're tracking system in the north pacific and it will slide into the bay area sometime after midnight. the
8:16 am
only wake up tomorrow morning everyone will be contending with wet weather. future cast four shows for a.m. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. 4:00 a.m. is the start of the heavy rain and also these wind advisory for the san francisco bay. at 8:00 a.m. the rain intensified as and then starts to taper off and as we head into tomorrow afternoon. 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain pretty much every day. another system is expected to hit the bay area thursday night. heavy rains later for friday morning and expect messy conditions on the roadways. saturday and sunday on and off showers throughout the day and we do have the potential for flooding for the cartoon history and the delta up. lingering showers will persist as we head into next monday. >> we're actually seeing some improvement at the bay bridge for a westbound ride.
8:17 am
that is good nose because it is not a rough ride this morning. we start with the police action on treasure island. that back of the traffic on the bridge early in the meeting was reactivated early. we had an early back up and it is still slow out of the maze but the 880 approaches only 14 minutes. the san mateo bridge had problems in the early morning hours and it looks much better now than in other days. a pretty easy ride to be enjoyed here. drive times are dropping below 15 minutes. the golden gate bridge has been a slow and steady commute all morning long. traffic should start to begin the next hour. we may see some slower going from the south tower down to the pay gates. checking the traffic east shore freeway drive is to 22 minutes hercules to berkeley. the 680 ride is still sluggish southbound. it got back up early this morning and still have the off of 242 the south bay
8:18 am
freeway is not doing too badly but there is an incident here on the connecting ramp from northbound 17 to southbound to 80 heading into downtown san jose. the ramp is partially obstructed in the accident involved an overturned a vehicle and an embankment and off the roadway. the marin ride at the traffic is slow and you're looking at 38 to 45 matt drive time from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> a teenager has died after being hit by a car while riding her bike. the 14 year-old girl was struck by a car on jefferson avenue just after 830 yesterday morning. there's a growing memorial there for the grow. neighbors said it was foggy at the time of the accident and rose were slick. the girls a freshman at woodside high school and was taken to stanford hospital where she died. the drivers stayed at the scene and did cooperate with police. >> of vallejo followed is
8:19 am
behind bars, accused of gunning down a teenager who believe his son. 44 year- old wendy williams is accused of murdering 17 year-old gary white. -- randy williams randy williams wife said that he was asleep in bed when white was killed. >> he was here with me and my son. my son cannot sleep without him. my son has to have his dad's hair and his hand all night long. >> the shooting happened early sunday morning in the witnesses' statements led them to arrest williams. >> a man accused of robbing a bank of america branch in the richmond district claimed not guilty. he was arraigned for robbery and commercial burglary charges. he has been released and posted his hundred $50,000 bail. they used surveillance
8:20 am
video and said it his fingerprints were found on the demand note. he has been suspended without pay. san jose held the first of public meetings to discuss the quality that residents want to see in the next police chief. the current crespolice chief chris mohr announced his retirement for january. they are looking for canada's inside or outside the force. many residents say they're looking for someone who be an effective manager and communicator and some with a perfect proven record of success for fighting crime. >> we need someone who can actually be a leader and to encourage the officers of this community to go through with policing the way it should be. >> someone in the department will no san jose. they will know the citizens of san jose. >> more has only been on the job for two years and the cities held similar set of
8:21 am
meetings before he was hired. the next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow and there'll be two more in december. >> police are looking for two armed men began to issue out with the owner of a jewelry store during an attempted robbery. this happened on that the nasa on story road. yesterday morning in san jose at least one of the robbers fired a gun at the owner. the owner had a gun and fired back. the two took off and did not get anything. the robbers got away. police say they do not recommend that store owners open fire like that and comply with the robbers demands. in this case no one is hurt and the police are looking for the robbers now. prosecutors are recommending an eight year sentence for a treasurer who pleaded guilty to defrauding at least $7 million from democratic politicians. he is cattle to be sentenced tomorrow in sacramento. she
8:22 am
pleaded guilty to five counts of mail fraud. if the judge agrees to the sentence she will serve six years and 10 months before she is eligible for parole. despite the loss of the campaign money bu >> traffic on the 1 01 northbound is backed up a bit especially on the 87 over cross trying to get on the 1 01. it is slowly starting to clear. we will be right back. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
a record number of americans to their holiday shopping over the thanksgiving weekend according to a survey from the national retail federation. 247 million people visited stores and web sites over the thanksgiving weekend. that is of mine% from last year. the survey shows shoppers spend more this year with the average shopper shelling out $423 over the four days. 58 percent bought clothing or accessories which says there is a the economy still has a way to go in its recovery. >> black friday and cyber monday are behind us but holiday shoppers have not missed out on the best deals of the season. major retailers like amazon targets wal-mart and best buy our stretching cyber monday deals through the rest of the week. december 17th is the fifth annual free shipping day. hundreds
8:26 am
of retailers will offer free shipping with delivery guaranteed by christmas eve. expect huge savings and stores the last saturday before christmas as retailers give out deep discounts and a last-ditch effort to get merchandise off the shelf. cyber monday numbers may hexagon better than expected for a lot of online retailers. sales went up 28.4% making yesterday's the biggest on-line shopping day ever. shoppers expected to spend one and half a billion dollars on monday and that is up 20% from last year. sales from mobile devices which also include tablets also rose just over 10 per cent. i cannot get off those cyber monday deals. >> you need to. that is harmful to your wallet. there are substantially
8:27 am
higher average rates of invasive breast cancer. the regions include the western costa county the weather in western part of am the conti and seller and the bay throug. breast cancer rates are 10% higher than average and researchers do not know why. >> the food and drug administration stopping operations for a mexico the a better processor for salmonella poisons. semi incorporators plant dozens of people were made sick from these products sold and trader joe's store. they've been stopped from distributing any foods right now. the fda was able to shut the operations down for a new safety law that was passed just last year. >> the case against sense of
8:28 am
products and its parent operation revolved around the company's sprinkle by a product called tasty and. the product was the subject of a statewide investigation after in a planned debt its weight-loss was proven and a the largest clinical trial ever conducted. will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's take a look at milpitas where we're at the police department at one of the very latest with the shooting that involved a suspect and officer this morning around 2 in the morning. police are looking for the suspect that drove away in a car. we will be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
among all live look at the fog, not quite as bad as
8:31 am
yesterday but we are watching for a series of storms coming our way. >> unfortunately we will not see as much sunshine as we did yesterday. temperatures to climb into the sixties but we do have the increase in cloud cover. it will be in great overcast start to the day and into tonight will increase the clouds. ahead of the storm system we're tracking we will also see an increase in winds. here's a look at your visibility because we do have some locally dense fog especially in the north bay. just over a mile from napa right now 2 1/2 miles for interstate 83 fairfield three for some of our delta spots. it is pretty foggy out there, drive with extra caution. we do anticipate a couple of vigorous arms that are going to affect the bay area. i'll have a full look on what to expect and when you need that umbrella coming up in just a bit. >> we're watching a potential east a hot spot. and it exit just reported on
8:32 am
interstate 880 westbound at gilman. the left-hand lane was bought for a while and crews are on scene. the chp continues to partially blocked iran and the south bay from northbound 17 to southbound interstate 280 while they were to clear an accident not in the roadway of the emergency vehicles are blocking part of the ramp. they have clear the roadway after their investigation and milpitas after an officer involved shooting happened earlier this morning. we are following that investigation. jackson road was the area that was closed between north millipede is boulevard jet. jackie sissel is trying to get the very latest on this. >> i am at the milpitas police department headquarters and the investigation continues. here is a video from the area where this happened. it happen at the corner of the
8:33 am
sweat and jacqueline road. according to officials in milpitas around 145 a m to one of the officers made a traffic stop. once the stock was initiated the search to get out of his vehicle to engage the suspect. at that point the suspect out of his car and started to fire at the officer. the officer returned fire and at that point the suspect got into his vehicle and took off a driving out of the area. we're being told that the suspect the officer was not struck but did sustained minor injuries at the time of the shooting. police are not saying whether or not, they do not know whether out the suspect was shot in the exchange of gunfire. other than that they're not really providing us with a lot of information. they're saying they will not disclose a suspect information and they will not disclose information on the suspect's vehicle at this point. the
8:34 am
investigation out of the scene lasted for about six hours. lots of measurements and evidence collected. other than the information that they have provided us so far they're not saying much about the incident. >> it gives you the feeling that the public must not be at risk even though this is an armed suspect. is that the feeling that you get? >> they asked for the public's help. they said they would like to hear from anyone who may have been in the area give them call for information. obviously this is a suspect out standing for shooting an officer. they are not giving us vehicle information at this point. >> another developing story the off and on rams to treasure island are open right now. there is a police stand off that had the island closed for several hours this morning. it started just before 5:00 a.m.. they spotted a car
8:35 am
that was reported stolen in san francisco and chase the suspect on two treasure island. he pulled off and got out of the car and engaged police in a standoff because he was arm. there is a gunshot heard several hours later and the police officers were kept at bay. they've moved in and found duncan phillips 29 doubt that from a self-inflicted gun wound. he is falsely linked to two robberies that happened yesterday. >> mayor george mosconi and harvey milk the two leaders will be remembered today at a commemoration of two parts. a setting at city hall and a candlelight vigil at milk's camera store. mosconi family members milk's nephew and mayor ed
8:36 am
lee former mayor willie brown and the san francisco gay man's choir. >> a 15 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring an officer in san jose will be arraigned this week. there is video of the other suspect in this case jonathan will banks. police are trying to find a connection between the teenager and the suspect. they're both being held for murder arm robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer. well banks will be returning to court in december. >> dram of a 14 year-old boy charged as an adult for the attempted murder sexual assault and kidnapping of a 65 year woman has been postponed. caviar king was said to be in court yesterday and a 30 say he is the woman ed of doubt the the woman at dusk enforcer drive several miles away where she was sexually assaulted beaten and left in a ditch. police say it was a random attack. the
8:37 am
arraignment was postponed. >> keeping our eyes on wall street with the fiscal cliff coming up at the end of the year weighing on investors. good news there was a rise in consumer confidence as well as home prices. the dow is off 25 down to 12,942. a quick break as the prime news continues until 10:00. a live look from our roof camera and sam francisco. we are watching this fog slowly roll.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> 8:39 a.m. and three republican senators met with the ambassadors susan rice saying they're more trouble now over her explanations over the deadly september 11th raid in libya. price met behind closed doors earlier this morning with senator john mccain and kelly coyote. rit st. she made comments five days after the raid and the comments were made based on intelligence surveillance. she still has to answer questions about that attack. >> video coming out of europe, angry farmers dousing police with thousands of liters of milk. this is in brussels. there exceupset about quotas. farmers
8:41 am
across europe are taking a stand against parliament and blocking traffic along brussels busy streets. the streets are now filled with milk. >> the fbi is praising the work that led to the arrest of one of its 10 most wanted. authorities finally caught up with jose the joe louis signed. he was arrested last week in mexico after being on the run for 14 years. he is wanted for four murders and lost angeles including his girlfriend and two rival gang members. they also believe he was a hit man for a mexican drug cartel. a tip led to his arrest. authorities have not identified the source but say they will get a $100,000 reward for that information. >> the long island power authority is as assuring customers said the normal monthly charges are no
8:42 am
mistake and they have to pay them. despite some of them being in the dark for weeks this after super storm sandy. the customers are questioning why their electricity bills post sandy reflect a full month's use of electricity and did not account for the days or weeks when the customers did not have power. the company has been under a lot of scrutiny as it is taken them and extend along top time to get power back to the residence. >> a live look outside at the san the sale bridge. there is some sunshine as we watch westbound traffic 92 and the commute direction. it looks like it is moving pretty well. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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8:46 am
duncan phillips' suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot room of rum 5 this morning. he led police on a pursuit around 11 last night and is possibly to a bribery from yesterday. of his term of shooting and gunfire exchange after a traffic stop it to this morning. a milpitas police officer suffered very minor injuries. a lot of fog and a lot of traffic, let's start with the weather with erica >> you can see cars driving into the fog at the seven sale bridge. a hazy gray start to the morning, temperatures not too bad. 53 and severance is go upper '40's and napa 43 and concord pleasanton and 58 in hayward. afternoon highs look let temperatures will be in the '60s. there'll be an increase in cloud cover.
8:47 am
64 in mountain view and the east bay pittsburg 64 degrees 62 for castro valley. we could pick up some light rain later on tonight for the north bay. a lot of cloud cover expected here. upper 50s for about 06 to one and napa in downtown san francisco coming in at 61 degrees. satellite and radar shows that a cold front a widespread one is dropping down from the north pacific. with that we will see gusty winds and a lot of rain associated with this system. that is a vigorous storm and there'll not be much wind fall. the yellow stars to appear on the screen indicating moderate to heavy rain. it will only intensify as we head into the heart of their morning commute. the good news is showers should taper off when a lot of folks are headed home. thursday we're not expecting any rain for the morning hours but a stronger system will push
8:48 am
through thursday and two friday. expect a heavy downpour for your friday morning commute. it could get nasty out there saturday and sunday on and off showers but when it is all said and done we could see anywhere from 3 to 10 in. of rainfall ferreous we will continue with the showers into the next work week. if you're heading out to tahoe here's a look at your snow bomb .com. heavenly a base of 24 in. noticed no there squaw valley a base of 22 and is now but we could see 5 in. of new snow by wednesday night. that associated with this system that is going to affect the bay area. north star of base of 18 to 30 in. with no new snow to report. 8388 that is sure weather on to traffic with george >> the bay bridge toll plaza backed up early this morning. the 80 approaches no longer backed up
8:49 am
completely up the ramp. drive times drop below 20 minutes. even coming from the east shore freeway. that is in some parts of the fact there are problems on the upper east shore. we will continue our birds check at 92 of the san mateo bridge 50 minutes drive times. good conditions here. the golden gate bridge where we should see some of the heaviest traffic and the southbound direction and it is not so bad right now. moving close to the in bed across the span. we mentioned some problems on the upper east shore freeway there is a report of an accident westbound at gelman. there is also a stall at san paolo road. the left lane was blocked but the crash is all but cleared it to the shoulder. the south bay there are still delays on 17 and northbound direction. freeways in general did not look too bad. and accident on the connecting ramp from northbound 17 to southbound interstate 280. an emergency
8:50 am
vehicle is still partially blocked one of that ramp. 39 to 41 minutes drive times for the marin commute, nor the marin still heavy from before highway 37 down to central san rafael. >> the dow fell below the 13,000 mark yesterday and is down 16 points right now. 12,951, no worries about the fiscal cliff despite the confidence in consumer is them. wells fargo announced their launching a $5 million program in the east bay to help prospective home buyers to come up with down payments for homes. it's called the city life program and the cities are oakland hayward concord antioch bay. brett would pittsburg in richmond. it helps qualified buyers make those payments for the home and a virtual viewing center that allows them to take virtual tours of the homes. >> new consumer credit card
8:51 am
data shows more americans are falling behind on their auto loan payments. a session between july to september. report looking at the numbers shows the back- to-school shopping and other needs are putting a strain on consumers' wallets. it also shows the problem is likely to be a seasonal blip. overall things have been improving on the out a loan industry. apple is selling start selling its new slimmed down by mac desktop computer on friday. the 21 and a half inch screen model will start at $1,300. depending on configuration it will be more. if you what the 27 in. screen model that starts at $1,800. the new models have no disk drive so that helps make the edges one-fifth the thickness of the old model. apple revealed the model a month ago but it goes on sale this friday. >> a new post as the right around facebook urging a status to copy and paste to
8:52 am
your profile. it has people worried that facebook can use their profiles and status and pictures. anyone who is on facebook they controlled how the information in the content and how it is shared. facebook says that is their policy and always has been. >> iraq war veteran who was seriously hurt during a police raid and the occupy oakland and cam at last year is suing alameda county for abuse during his 18 hours he was in jail. army veteran k- 9 sobrieties lawsuit says that jailers denied him medical care and mocked him for hours before he got treatment. he underwent surgery for a lacerated spleen and was hospitalized for five days. the losses that he is taking part in the occupy protest in heading home win in oakland officer clubbed him with a
8:53 am
night stick. he was arrested for remaining at the scene of a riot and was held for 18 hours. he was never charged. >> a quick break as the kron4 news continues. dr. phil episode overwhelmed and frazzled a woman says she is an overworked mom who once more help from her husband. we'll have more on that coming up at 10:00 from dr. phil.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> is officially christmas that led to land in california. the annual lighting of the world's largest like a christmas tree. i love the lagos. there is 11,000 elli the lights on that thing. it is made of 245,000 lay those and there are 400 lego ornaments. they had actors
8:57 am
on hand for the celebration. i love lego land. you have to hit the window because your kids outgrow it. >> i have not outgrown that. watching bay area weather we have a series of storms and heavy rain expected tomorrow morning. showers thursday and really heavy rain we're expecting on friday. there is a wind advisory post of for tomorrow morning. wheelock have more info from erica kato as we head into the next hour. coming up in the next hour also following this earlier police action on jacqueline road in milpitas reopen. there was a shootout between police officer and the moderates, we'll have details ahead. watching wall street the dow cutting its earlier losses and we will have the winners and losers with rob black at 9:15 a.m.. also more with your traffic there is still a backup on the bay bridge.
8:58 am
we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> then distill backed up but the shore freeway and the amendment freeway is much lighter. you are looking at 14 to 16 minutes. it can still be over 20 minutes if you are coming
9:02 am
from highway 24. the san mateo bridge has thinned out. it this is a great alternate. it is easy traffic flow for south bond. >> we want to go to the latest out of milpitas. police are investigating a shooting that happens with a officer. this was a long jacqueline roque and we have jack uses so with more information. >> i met the head quarter and this road was shut down for about three hours. the investigation continues. according to milpitas police about 145 this morning they initiated a traffic stop of a car that was on jacqueline roque. once he made the stop and he started to get
9:03 am
out of the car and the suspect in the car got out as well. he opened fire on officer and officer was able to return fire and the suspect got back into the car and drove off. according to police officer was not struck in the exchange of gunfire. he did sustained minor injuries and they're not stating what they were. if there are saying that the suspect did take off earlier in his car and they have been searching for him. the richest in part is that they are stating that the suspect information and the vehicle information has not been given out. they stated they would not discuss that information at this time. they're asking the public to contact the milpitas police department in the investigation. they're not telling us right now anything about the suspect whether not he believethey belie
9:04 am
car stolen. right now all we know is what initially happened but that is not a lot of information. >> the other developments for the where are following is the treasure island is now open and because they're close several hours due to a standoff. the standoff was going on until about 5:00 this morning and and the suspect was located. 29 year-old duncan phillips itself for from a self- inflicted gunshot wound.
9:05 am
phillips led police on a car chase to the island around 11:00 p.m. last night phillipses possibly linked to two different drivers that happened yesterday and in messina. >> president obama is really elected but he still is campaigning. he plans to make a public case this week for his strategy for dealing with the looming fiscal cliff. he would travel along pennsylvania friday meeting with small-business owners, as he pressures republicans to allow tax increases on the wealthy, while extended tax cuts for families earning too much as 50,000 are less. >> when will have more on the mark this with john black, and the.rob black. >>
9:06 am
9:07 am
9:08 am
>> nine 07 a.m. is the time. >> new video just into kron 4 news this morning this from tahirrir square in cairo. clashes between
9:09 am
police and protest are under way, ahead of a mass rally against the decree by president mohammed morsi, granting him set broad powers. marchers are planning from across the capital into an tahrir the epicenter of protests that toppled hosni mubarak last year where the numbers are expected to swell after the end of the work day. the >> investigators have exhumed former palestinian leader yasser araft's body to find out if he was poisoned by the radioactive element polonia. arafat died
9:10 am
nearly a decade ago after a sudden and severe illness. the new investigation started earlier this year after authorities said high levels of radioactive substance were found on his belongings. >> a new study is out that america is give the white house low marks when it comes to how they a handle terrorist attacks. 54% stated that day are satisfdissatisfied with the ministrations response to the madonnas the attack with only four in one to and say that they're satisfied with what the white house handled the matter. 48% said that the u.s. could have prevented the attack on its consulate in benghazi, with 42 percent disagreed. >> we are waiting for the
9:11 am
skies to clear in walnut creek.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> where are watching winners and losers on wall street with rob black. >> this has been a trend.
9:14 am
america is absolutely love. mortgage rates fall to record lows again 30 years now at 3.31. prices see biggest rise in more than two years. the only two that are down are chicago and new york city. >> we are back to a 20% off as a down payment. for years and years we have 5% off will we ever gets to lower than 20 percent? >> i think so. wall may be by 2013. >> i like what we are going through right now and not think it helps the economy. >> when they do go up than
9:15 am
the prices will fall. >> speaking of monthly payments. the losers same to build apartments. apartment rents to rise at a steady clip. when is up to about 4.6%. what is interesting is that this is a slowdown for san jose and san francisco. >> this is the best average rise but we have seen san jose of by 13%. and san francisco by 15%. >> we give a lot of financial a vice to youngsters. what amounts to actually spent on rent? >> as little as possible. >> there is no real bond
9:16 am
girl in this mode.ovie,.. >> $220 million just in the united states. if this is a huge blockbuster internationally. on the other side he will be in a few more sense. is a very lookinthe is a very good-looking men he will be and more movies. >> the box office receipts pushed up. we can invest and what we know. >> taco bell sold 100 million retell old tacos in 10 weeks. you will never see and talk a bill. >> the weighted tay that they dd
9:17 am
this was because it will help their profit. the way they did this was that they listed stories and then that broadcasted things by twitter. if they had something >> where a guy drove so many miles just to get one of these tacos. if they use twitter, and is that gramm. instant gramm. >> this was just last year that topple bill was struggling because the mexican war was doing so much better. have you seen their new commercial? >> it looks really good on tv. but when you get there is not so great.
9:18 am
>> it is 9:17 a.m. and will take a look at weather. >> we have a little bit of cloud cover all sides and some areas of fog. is not too bad all rock. for today will be a chilly start but this afternoon the calls will increase. this will limit how much one will get for the afternoon. we should be dry for an afternoon but the evening may have a bit of rain coming in. we have quite a few storms that are coming through. temperatures right now are in the mid-50s in oakland. nevada was waking up at 54 degrees. sematech zero is at 52 degrees here is a look
9:19 am
pitcher satellite radar. the calls will be increasing and that means it was see more showers later on tonight and deftly by tomorrow morning. we do have wind advisories that are in affect. there was also be snow are arriving. we start our dry right now and we will stay dry. this is a more of a transition day and future cast is that early wednesday morning what you are sleeping you will wake up to cloudy conditions and then as the date is going about three to 4:00 it will be moderate to heavy rainfall. this will and tax the entire bay area especially tomorrow morning. we will see some really big downpours. there is also a wind advisory for the entire bay area for tomorrow. if the heavy rain
9:20 am
will be over what we will still seeing showers more shomore scattered in nature. we also are looking at a winter weather advisory for the tahoe area. that means a that was see more snow. as you look at your ski report they will have 18 to 24 in.. unfortunate there will be no new snow but tomorrow it will change. >> the we can that will get some fresh powder. your highs for this afternoon will not be too bad in palo alto. it will be 64 degrees. santa clara would get up to 63 degrees. a lot of us are a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. walnut creek will have a high of 63 degrees off pleasanton will also get up to 65 degrees.
9:21 am
59 degrees for san rafael and 61 degrees for downtown san francisco. >> today is actually still a pretty good day. there is no more great outside and the temperatures are normally in the '60s. you should get ready for heavy rain and windy conditions for tomorrow. thirsting for idle also seek more rain into your weekend. if you are in the hills north area you will see eight to 15 in. of rain by the time is all done. the time now is 9:21 a.m.. >> as we continue to monitor the conditions around the bay. the bay bridge westbound is the end of the
9:22 am
back up. you're ride to the san mateo bridge has been pretty good for the last hour and a half. it was really bed earlier. we have been enjoy normal traffic times. the golden gate bridge has been very light and this has been a problem free commute all morning long. we still have some heavy traffic for the lord seashore area. it is still sluggish from rent. it is still heavier around walnut creek interchange. 85 out to the west is still have it. you're ride through the north bay 1 01 southbound is still surprisingly heavy in the southbound direction. if there drive time is up to almost 40 minutes. is even a little slower from before. >> a san francisco sheriff
9:23 am
deputies is accused of robbing the bank of america in the city's richest district earlier this month has pleaded not guilty. philip chun tong was arraigned on a robbery and commercial burglary charges. he has been released from custody after posting $150,000 bail. investigators identified him as a suspect using video surveillance and after his fingerprints were found on the demand note. he has been suspended without pay.
9:24 am
well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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9:26 am
>> there are endless potions and creams their promise to turn back the clock on aging. but a new
9:27 am
study out of stanford university shows off that there is a solid science behind a least one high-tech anti aging tool. kron4 is a big deep live beyond this looks into the laser which uses light to make sales and number. >> we have reversed the gene expression to those of a useful stand. this actually changes the dna of scam. what's going on here is that it will alter the genes associated with the aging process. >> this is an approach to the fountain of youth and the laser is called broadband light. michelle is receiving this treatment and
9:28 am
she is trying to improve our skin. >> after four sessions you might be surprised to know her real age. >> your sale is not the same as it was 10 to 15 years before. >> i think this is the fountain of youth. >> the broad ban light therapy is being used by a lot of plastic surgeons and this is mostly to a tree damage from the sun. >> we will be right back into minutes as kron 4 news continue. here is a live look outside and we are waiting for the clouds to left. will catch a break
9:29 am
today before the rain begins tomorrow.
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> traffic is still bumper- to-bumper own 1 01 north bound at the 87 merge. >> today is kind of a tradititransitional day. this water that we will receive. he is a chilly start in the clouds will increase. it will be windy and writing for your morning commute. the showers will not taper off until after know. we do have more rain expected and will last until next week. >> temperatures in downtown san francisco is 54 degrees. san carlos is at 51 degrees.
9:32 am
take a look at your satellite radar. there is no rain expected today if it does rain it will not be until later on tonight. we are talking about severe weather possible. here is george. >> as we continue to monitor the improving conditions. we would check the bridge just for you. you're ride to the bay bridge is the end of back up and is about 9 to 11 minutes. the san mateo bridge looks great. it is also at 11 minutes. this is right on track for their commute. it the golden gate bridge ride is sitting at light in both directions north and south. >> 932 falling developing news is out of milpitas. jacqueline road was closed for several hours due to an
9:33 am
officer been involved in a shooting. the men that they stopped and got away and the car. we will go live to the police headquarters. >> i am also out of the milpitas police station there are still a lot of questions outstanding. they're not really stated what led to this police shooting that happened earlier. here is video that was shot earlier this morning and according to milpitas police one of their patrol units and initiated a traffic stop on jackson wrote and when he made the stop he started to get out of the car and at this point the suspect also got the car. he opened fire at the officer and the officer was able to return fire and at this point the suspect got back in a car and drove off. according to
9:34 am
milpitas police officer and all was not hit by any gunfire. he did sustained minor injuries and they have not said what those injuries were. if they stated that the suspect did drive away and that they are currently looking for him. >> there 9 giving as much information about the suspect or the vehicle. they're not stated will there are looking for and that would not state his name or a thing. at this sprawling we are just--they were taking pictures and investigators are really come over and as far as information there 9 giving much of this time. >> a man is dead and all roads in and out of treasure island are back open after police standoff. you are looking at video of the sting from earlier this morning. here is what we know happened, or around
9:35 am
11:00 last nine officers spotted a stolen car in downtown san francisco. the car wouldn't pullover, and the driver let the police on the pursuit of the bay bridge before pulling off on a treasure island.five this more moved into the area and found 29 year-old duncan phillips suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the owner of france treasure island were shut down for almost six hours. >> the people that live on the island are safe and the suspects did not have anyone in jeopardy. >> the incident remains under investigation. police say this ... possibly linked to other robberies that happened yesterday ambonese see ya. >> 34 years after the
9:36 am
assassination of san francisco mayor george mosconi and supervisor harvey milk the two leaders will be remembered today. this year's commemoration will have two parts. a ceremony on the steps of city hall at 430 and then a candlelight march to milk's former camera store in the castro district. >> a 15 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring a police officer back on november 6th st. in san jose will be arraigned this week. this video is of the second suspect jonathan wilbanks in court last wednesday. police are trying to figure out the connection
9:37 am
between the two both suspects are being held for murder, armed robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. the drama of a 14 year-old boy charged as an adult with the attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping of a 65 year-old woman has been postponed. kaviar king was scheduled to be arraigned in court yesterday. the board is in vallejo said king adopted the woman at dusk and forced her to drive several miles away. police have described the attack as random.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> that fbi is praising the work that led to the arrest of one of its 10 most wanted. authorities finally caught up with jose luis saenz. he was arrested last week in mexico after he'd been on the run for 14 years. he is wanted for four
9:41 am
murders in los angeles, including his girlfriend in two rival gang members. authorities also believe he was a hit man for a mexican drug cartel. other stories have not identified the source, but say they will get a $100,000 will ward. >> the long island power authority is assuring our rates customers that their latest in electric bills will normal monthly charges are no mistake, despite some been in the dark for days or weeks after super storm sandy. if customers are being built are based on the estimated reading of entry used for the same month the year before. l i t a customers are questioning why their electricity bills post stand reflect a full must use of electricity, and on account for the days that customers were without power. >> no your governor andrew
9:42 am
cumuomo says hurricane sandy and katrina had a lot in common, and non of it was good. he says sandy did $42 billion in damage to new york. he knows that sandy hit a more densely populated region and cost more costly damage that katrina. >> a new poll finds that america does are less optimistic about the country's future that where there were four years ago. a survey found 56 percent of the public thinks the country will be better off for years from now. that's down from 76% who felt that way in 2008 after president obama won his first presidential bid. looking ahead to the president's second term, off 54% stake they are enthusiastic or
9:43 am
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9:46 am
williams is charged with murdering the 17 year-old boy early sunday morning. but williams' wife says that he did not commit the crime. she spoke to our has a meshaaziq maydun in a store you'll only see on kron 4. >> he cannot do that from bed asleep across town. he cannot be in two places at once. he was with men he was here with his son. my son cannot sleep without him. my son has have his father by his side. if she tells me that her husband is nonviolent. >> he is a good father. he is a family man and he is not this person. he is not violent. he is not a mean person. hear things that it
9:47 am
is horrible and his prayers' are with the little boy as well. >> she said that her husband's bed here responsible--spindle >> he may be a frame or there may be misunderstand. i want the truth to come also need to be free. he deserves to be free. he should not go to jail for something that he did not do. >> my son should not lose his father over something that he did not do. >> police are investigating after this house party shooting that happened early sunday morning. >> this is a late hot spot for the ride on an estate 6/8. there is a late injury accident and last checked it was blocking at least one lane and this is why the traffic is backed up. we saw
9:48 am
the driver was still behind schedule but it is improving. we're still way north and by the time you his this you will see some sort traffic. it will remain heavy pass stone valley road. our last bridge check shows there are better condition from the ones that we originally had. you're ride to the san mateo bridge is down to a normal 11 minute drive time. what you are on east or west bound. they may be adding this extra third lane and perhaps it may be earlier than usual. there is no problem with the southbound traffic. >> today is the transition
9:49 am
day and we're not worried about iran this afternoon. will see the clouds persist. this evening we have a chance for rain and arriving later on in the evening and we will have the winds pick up. temperatures right now are 53 degrees in san mateo and 54 degrees in downtown san francisco. lower 50s for concord. here is a look at the water pitcher of the satellite radar picture. we do have clouds and preachinincreasing carry it as a look at the future cast i say this will start about 3:00 in the morning. the rain will come in from the coast and it will be heavy at times. 4:00 in the morning is that yell for the north bay. that will be looking at moderate to heavy
9:50 am
rain. as we put this into motion by 8:00 all around the bay area will be dealing with heavy rain. we're also concerned about flooding and we do have wind advisories in effect for the entire bay area. we have a lot of watches and warnings in effect for tomorrow. >> this is a way for you to plan ahead. the blue indicates the wind advisory until 11:00 a.m. to mark. the mountains are also a hunter a winter advisor watch for tomorrow. that will have more snow falling. today you do not have to worry about the storm the high for this afternoon will be 64 degrees impala out to when mountain view. 62 degrees for campbell and 63
9:51 am
degrees for fremont. it will be laura 60's for hayward and castro valley. for the north bay the neighborhoods will be looking at 59 degrees. 62 degrees for berkeley and 61 degrees for downtown san francisco. it will be brought run average for this time of year. >> today is a transition day and will will have increasing clouds. the rain you will not have to worry about the letter on tonight. the winds will be gusty and thursday we may get a little bit of a break. it will not be as widespread but on friday and the weekend there will be more storms that will arise. some models suggest that it will be 8 to 15 in. of rain. we have
9:52 am
to also worry about flooding over the next zero days. >> new consumer credit data shows that more americans are falling behind on their all loan payments. particulary between july to september. if the report shows back to school shopping and other needs are putting a strain on consumers' wallets. but it also says the problem is likely a seasonal blips. overall things have been improving in all along world and the billing was the rate has fallen on an annual basis for 12 consecutive quarters. >> if you visit castro valley it this kind of hard to see donation is on every corner. this one allows you to donate books and apparently it works because is filled up to the top. when you see these dense than average person would believe that they will donate the books. lee you are donating stuff right, for charity right correct,
9:53 am
how do you know you are donating to charity? because that's was on the box. >> but is that really what is on on on the box? guess they use words like donate. but if you read the fine print is as for profit. >> and a edge is in part, is no one seems to know how these bins even got here. this one in safeway's parking lot and has been these k begins outside of right 8 have been here for months is nine years. this one outside this all the repair shop showed up three years ago and now owners wanted to go away. this one has been behind the goodyear shot. it appeared here one day and it has been here about 6 months. >> these events are basically being dropped off and no one complains they stay put and there and no one to turn to. in fact i
9:54 am
called every phone number on the donation been an error when i called got a record and asking that i leave a message with the exceptional one. it was from a local nonprofit charity called pests tes sot community assistae for retarded and handicapped we have been around for 40 years and we have been servicing individuals intellectual disabilities. >> so i asked how does it all these profits benefit their charity. and castro valley kron 4 news.
9:55 am
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9:58 am
>> hope you have a good day will see you tomorrow. [ crickets chirping ]
9:59 am
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